Cool Stuff: Olly Moss And Eric Tan's 'Captain America' Propaganda Posters

Monday, we exclusively premiered Mondo's Tyler Stout posters for Captain America: The First Avenger. They were bold, brash, and exactly the kind of beautiful busy style we've come to expect from Stout. We also mentioned that, in addition to Stout's Captain America posters, Mondo would be releasing additional Cap posters by /Film favorites, Eric Tan and Olly Moss. Besides being inspired by the same movie, the differences between Stout's posters and these couldn't be more significant. For one, Moss and Tan didn't make movie posters. They each made a set of World War II propaganda posters, one for the Americans and one for Hydra. Which do you side with? Check out all the images and decide after the jump.

Thanks to Badass Digest for the Moss prints, which are on the top and to Wired for the Tan prints, which are on the bottom.

Moss also spoke to the New York Times about his posters:

I've liked Captain America since I read Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's 'The Ultimates.' I'm also a massive fan of 1940s propaganda posters, so it was a fun challenge to try and capture the style and attitude of that era.

There's no on sale date yet for these posters but everyone just assumes they'll first be available at Mondo's booth at Comic Con. Either way, follow @MondoNews for exact details. Here are the specs.

  • Olly Moss — two WWII propaganda posters (one for US, one for Hydra), Two 18 x 24 Screenprints, Editions of 375 (each), $85 per set. Sale date — TBD.
  • Eric Tan — two WWII propaganda posters (one for US, one for Hydra), Two 18 x 24 Screenprints, Editions of 220 (each), $80 per set. Sale date — TBD.
  • Peter and I argued about this and I wonder what you all think. While we're obviously both big fans of both Moss and Tan, I preferred Moss's because they were a little more subtle and scary. Peter on the other hand preferred Tan's for their clean look and in your face message. Who do you agree with?