'24' And 'Final Destination' Veterans Developing New Dystopian Vision '2084'

Briefly: What's hot right now? Science fiction? Yeah, it's doing pretty well. How about young adult novels, especially ones with a fantasy or sci-fi bent? Yep, those are killing, too. So the obvious path, if you want to bootstrap a financially successful new film franchise, is to create movies and books right at the same time.

Or so it would seem. Success isn't that easy (ahem, I Am Number Four) and if it was, everyone would do it. But 24 showrunner Howard Gordon and James Wong (Final Destination, Final Destination 3) are trying anyway, with a project meant to spawn books and films. The title is 2084, and the basic pitch is '1984 meets The Terminator.'

THR says the two thought up the story and have new author Gregg Rosenblum working on the books. As to plot, it's all about "the late 21st century, a time where robots, once created to aid humans and fight wars, now control the population's every move."

With the reliance on broad basic concepts that have been selling lately, can't they find a way to throw Snow White and WikiLeaks in there just to make sure all the bases are covered? Come on: Julian Assange fits right into the '1984 meets Terminator' idea! Just make him a blond, spindly robot and it'll work. Promise. Show me a more frightening future robotic overlord, I dare you.