Vin Diesel Starring In And Producing Untitled Action Film

Briefly: Once upon a time, an action star was enough to make a huge audience want to see a broad array of films. That model is changed now, as audiences follow concepts and franchises more than stars. So Vin Diesel is the new sort of action star, where he can help propel the Fast and the Furious franchise to billion-dollar status. But the Riddick films? Not so much. So for an encore to the last two F/F movies, Vin Diesel seems to be looking towards action movies that give off a similar vibe.Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell, who wrote the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown, have sold a pitch to Vin Diesel's company, in conjunction with new outfit The Ink Factory, for an as-yet untitled action thriller. Not much to go on, but along with The Machine could this be something that will hew a bit closer to the context in which audiences seem to prefer seeing Diesel? If so, maybe that will help him make that third Riddick movie.  [Variety]