Bradley Cooper Movies Recut As Trailer For 'Five Senses'

I'm not sure exactly what the fan-cut trailer for Five Senses is supposed to be. It re-purposes footage from Bradley Cooper movies like Limitless and Midnight Meat Train into a trailer for a similar but different project. Which is something that just about anyone could do, I suppose. But in this case, the edit is from Jaron Pitts, who was previously responsible for the well-received fan trailers for Green Lantern and Technotise. If you liked those, take a look at Five Senses, after the break.

Given that this shows up on a website that pushes a comic from Viper, this is obviously meant to be some sort of viral project. I'm less interested in that aspect right now than I am in the way this footage was cut together and augmented with new material to create Five Senses.