Javier Bardem And Ralph Fiennes Confirmed For 'Bond 23,' Naomie Harris Added

We haven't had a lot of real news about the Sam Mendes-directed Bond 23 since the release dates were confirmed, but here's a nice batch of confirmations and one new bit of info. Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes, the former heavily tipped for a role (going so far as to reveal that he would be the villain if cast) and the latter rumored for some time, both seem to be confirmed for the film. And Miss Moneypenny, a staple Bond character who hasn't been seen since the Pierce Brosnan films, will make an appearance as well, played by Naomie Harris.

The Daily Mail says that Naomie Harris is in final talks to take the role, and also says that Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem are confirmed. As is often the case with Daily Mail reports, the outlet itself can lead to some suspicion, but writer Baz Bamigboye has been on the money with Bond info, and other reports.

Naomie Harris has been rumored for a bit, so this isn't any sort of surprise, but it's an interesting note, given the way that the Daniel Craig Bond films have generally done away with many of the classic elements of the franchise. Miss Moneypenny has been a very minor character in past installments, but in casting Naomie Harris there is the suggestion that she might have a bit more to do this time out.

Meanwhile, there's the question of who might sing the theme to Bond 23 and Bond composer David Arnold still wants Amy Winehouse, who was courted for Quantum of Solace but didn't do the theme thanks to her own personal issues. Recent tour problems suggest those issues haven't gone away, so this doesn't seem the most likely move. She'd be good for the theme, no doubt, but so would Adele, who David Arnold also mentions.