VOTD: Why Batman Is Secretly Terrible For Gotham

The great thing about superhero comics and movies is they pretty much put the kibosh on reality. Men can't be given powers if they're bitten by a spider, aliens don't come to Earth and save us all, and billionaires would never spend a good portion of their money risking their lives to save the common folk. None of these things are real and that's why we love them. On the flip side, when you literally break down the logistics of a comic book character, often times you'll not only see why they're unrealistic, but they might actually do more bad than good.

Cracked has filmed a scripted, Reservoir Dogs style coffee shop discussion on the merits of Batman and while it runs a little long, they frequently bring up valid and hilarious points. Batman fans will want to check it out after the jump.

Thanks to The High Definite for alerting us to the video from Cracked.

Why Batman Is Secretly Terrible for Gotham — powered by Cracked.com