Superhero Bits: Anne Hathaway, The Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, Iron Man 3

Know a real life super soldier? Why won't a Green Lantern sequel work? Is Warner Bros. actually working on one? What's the huge stunt Christopher Nolan is planning for The Dark Knight Rises? How does Kevin Feige describe Iron Man 3? Want an idea of what Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume is going to look like? Find out all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Is this picture from Captain America: The First Avenger of Haley Atwell as Peggy Carter new? Maybe. Either way, she's super cute and we're posting it. Thanks to The Daily BLAM.

io9 has a laundry list of reasons (actually, just three) why a sequel to Green Lantern, as it was set up in the first film, would not work. On the off chance you want to see the movie and have yet to, we'll just direct you there to read the spoiler-filled but completely logical analysis.ComicBookMovie believes they have a reliable source telling them when Zack Snyder's Man of Steel will be shooting in Illinois. Below is the email, there's more info there.

we have a street closure schedule, so we are assuming that is filming time. Main St. will be closed August 6 and August 22-29. Sorry that is all of the info I have right now.

Most of us probably don't go to gossip sites like Hollywood Life (via Batman News) but maybe we should. They have a great description of Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume from The Dark Knight Rises:

Anne's outfit is more tactical, like the comic book, than the previous Batman movies," a source very close to the costume design tells us exclusively. "She will definitely be wearing the goggles and it's going to be less sexy than Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman costumes. She's going to look more like a robber." Adds the insider, "But fan boys shouldn't be worried. This costume is going to be form-fitting enough to make Anne look smoking hot.

Superhero Hype (via Movieline) alerts us to this new ad for Dunkin Donuts that leads us to believe that it's not super serum that gets Captain America going. It's Dunkin Donuts!

Think a friend or family member of yours is a real Super Solider like in Captain America: The First Avenger? There's a national contest being held by Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins "where people can win prizes by nominating veterans or active U.S. servicepersons who are making a difference where they live or serve." Read the full press release over on PR Newswire for all the info.

Anne Hathaway has been training vigorously for her role in The Dark Knight Rises. We know this because she did the cover story on the new issue of Harper's Bazaar (via CBM) and there, not a movie site, she talks a little bit about it:

Anne's preparation for her role as Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, the next Batman installment (currently filming in Pittsburgh), has been more than cosmetic. She has been working out five days a week — rigorous exercise and stunt training followed by an hour and a half of dance. "I've always thought that skinny was the goal, but with this job I also have to be strong," she says.

The Wrap has an article called "Too Many Men in Tights? Five Reasons The Superhero Summer Has Been A Bust." It begins with the above chart which, to be honest, is slightly unfair. Green Lantern came out way later. But you can still see how none of these movies have been a home run.

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Film Journal has a great feature on the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and in it he talks a lot about the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here are some choice quotes about the next two movies after Captain America. First, on The Avengers:

With The Avengers, we're mimicking what comic-book publishers have been doing for years and years. We're making a big crossover event that brings all of these characters together to face something incredible and epic.

And here's Feige on Iron Man 3, which is still being written:

Audiences will see that Tony Stark is going back into his own world. There will be acknowledgements to the events of The Avengers and the character journey he took there, but he's not going to be having tea with Thor and calling Nick Fury every five minutes.

If you're really into Hollywood insider stuff, The Hollywood Reporter has a great analysis of why Warner Bros. is seriously struggling with moving forward with Green Lantern 2. There are great pros and cons for both sides. A great read.

In an interview with Comic Book Movie Vic Armstrong, legendary stuntman and stunt coordinator on Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, talks a little bit about the practical effects work in the movie and the use of CG to enhance that. Here's a sample, head there for more:

I did a shot a few weeks back, on Spider-Man, where we had to jump over a 20 foot gap between skyscrapers. He does a somersault in the air as he's going over the 20 foot distance, lands in a somersault, gets up and runs off – we had an 8 inch pad and an Air Ram. We did the shots, and I asked the guy what he needed next, and he said just give me a clean path, take the pad out, take the Air Ram out, nothing left, and we shoot a path like that, and then they can replace where the pad was with the roof – it's a fantastic bonus in that respect, but what I don't like is movies that use it AS the movie. It becomes a cartoon. When the landscape and all the objects in the landscape are totally CG, I lose interest instantly – there's no drama, there's no jeopardy. It's a terrible thing used too much, and overused.

While shooting The Avengers, stuntman Jeremy Fitzgerald had to react to getting hit by an arrow, probably shot by Hawkeye. During his fall, he tore out a piece of the scalp. TMZ has more info and the full image of the one above. Click it to see.

Several sites including Bloody Disgusting say that Jodie Foster is circling a role in 2013's R.I.P.D. starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. Sounds good, but Variety has more or less debunked it.

Christopher Nolan has something epic planned for The Dark Knight Rises but he's not sure he can pull it off. According to a British news site (via io9) he's got a huge stunt planned that would require shutting down a major highway. This should be considered a SPOILER so if you don't want to read, skip to the next story.

The movie crew desperately want to film this. It's a key section of the film. Batman is on board a plane that is hurtling to the ground. The script says he takes control of it and lands it on the road while it's on fire. People are going to love it. It's a tremendous challenge.

Speaking of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman News reports they had a little mishap on the set recently.