Deleted Scenes: 7-11 Sequence From 'Super 8,' Musical Sequence From 'Sucker Punch'

Most of the time deleted scenes are deleted for a reason. Sometimes they provide information that is already given in another scene. Other times they disrupt the flow of a movie. Then there are scenes that remain almost the same, but are just trimmed on the edges like fat on a steak. New deleted scenes from Super 8 and Sucker Punch have found their way online and both fall into a few of those categories. The Super 8 clip is largely a scene that's in the final cut of the film, it's just happens to feature some of the fat that was nipped and tucked away. As for Sucker Punch, the scene is an entire excised musical number called "Love is the Drug." Check them both out after the jump.

First up, here's the newer movie: Super 8. This scene is from the beginning of the movie and shows the boys talking about The Case after leaving school. What we didn't know is there's a 7-11 right across the street. Here you'll see the Rocket Poppeteers viral marketing front and center, as well as some obvious information that better delivered earlier in the scene: Joe likes Alice.

The clip originated on Facebook but since it's not embeddable there, we grabbed it from Trailer Addict.

Next up is this scene from the Sucker Punch Director's Cut, provided by Warner Bros. (via Bleeding Cool).

Out of context of the movie, it's hard to say how successful that scene is or isn't. On its own, though, it's an impressive looking scene that must have been tough to cut for financial reasons alone. It probably cost a fortune.  The staging, signing and costumes especially really work and the way it blends the showmanship with what happens behind the scenes at the institution/club informs many later scenes. Still, in a movie that needed to constantly move forward, you can imagine this scene totally stopping any momentum.

What are your thoughts on these scenes? Do they add to the movies, take away, can you tell why they were deleted?