Sony Films Temporarily Pulled From Netflix Streaming

Briefly: What happened today with Sony and Netflix? It is a slightly complicated situation, but here's the short version: Sony movies are made available to stream via Netflix thanks to deals that both companies have with Starz. Evidently there is a wrinkle in the Sony/Starz contract that needs to be sorted out, in that it stipulates a maximum number of users to whom Starz can deliver content. Netflix has grown to the point where it is out-delivering what Starz is allowed to provide. (Weird contract stipulation, and while I can imagine scenarios that would require it — having to do with competition and terms in contracts Sony has with other companies — we don't know more than that.)

So Sony and Starz have to rework their contract, and until then Netflix will not be able to stream Sony movies. Starz promises that this is temporary. "Sony movies have been temporarily taken down from the StarzPlay service on Netflix. All parties are working diligently to resolve the issue and return the films to Netflix members."[Netflix]