'Boardwalk Empire' Season Two Teaser Trailer: "I Will Ruin You. All Of You."

Boardwalk Empire has a second season coming soon, and there is now a one-minute trailer for the new season. It looks utterly fantastic, packed with intimidation, conflict and violence. Oh, and there's a KKK guy with a gatling gun, which is a damn disturbing image. Check it out after the break.

I can't offer too much real perspective on this because I haven't been keeping up with Boardwalk Empire — I much prefer to watch a couple seasons of a show all at once rather than be on the hook for new stuff week after week. But if something was going to get me to change that policy it would be a trailer like this one. (Hey HBO, how about letting me subscribe to HBOGo without a cable subscription? I'd do it!) As a nitpick I'd rather hear period-appropriate music used, but what the hell — this is a monster and it makes the show look massively appealing.

Boardwalk Empire returns to HBO in September. Here's a behind the scenes look that came online a while back: