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/Film reader Ben S snapped this photo of a set of Batman-inspired street signs in Melbourne, Australia.

Nicholas Read, who played an Ewok in Star Wars and a Gringotts goblin in Harry Potter, has reportedly been convicted by a jury of indecently exposing himself to a teenage schoolgirl on a train.DPCTED has created a Friday the 13th Meets Rebecca Black t-shirt.

A former Simpsons/Futurama animator has created a Twitter account that posts about Star Wars from the perspective of auxiliary characters.

/Film reader Jeff Yorkes' latest cinemash "Pete's Dragon Tattoo" features David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo mashed with music from Pete's Dragon.

Cheech Marin has signed on to co-star opposite Rob Schneider in the actor's untitled multi-camera CBS comedy tv series.Jay Cohen is selling limited edition drypoint prints of master director Stanley Kubrick.

Our friends at are celebrating their fifth birthday. Happy Birthday guys!

David Wain and Joe LoTruglio gave a dramatic reading of a 1999 brainstorm session of possible titled for Wet Hot American Summer.Guyism lists 13 Of The Most Memorable Opening Scenes In Movies.

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Janée Meadows created this cool fan posters for Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens.

Utah NBC affiliate  KSL-TV refuses to carry the upcoming tv drama series The Playboy Club.

A Chinese man named Wang XiaoKang built his own replica of the Iron Man Mark I suit and wore it to work one day.

Gary Susman explains how Ferris Bueller saved him from depression.

Swedish graphic designer Patrik Svensson created a series of typography movie posters based on title's first letter(s).

Olivia Wilde was spotted headed into an audition for The Gangster Squad.Scott Gairdner stars in a new FunnyorDie short "Staying Positive with Jesse Eisenberg."

Sony will Attempt to Break the Guinness World Records® Title for Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Smurfs within a 24-hour period (multiple venues).

JoshMC has added another Disney Fighting Princess to his series – Rapunzel.

Rapunzel's new back story is that she's an imprisoned sorceress who manages to escape her solitary confinement. I'm much happier with this one compared to the last one, in fact I think I might go back and fix Mulan coz I wasn't in the right mood when designing that one. I desperately wanted to find a way to add her frying pan but numerous attempts failed to find a solution. After several revisions this was about 8-9 hours work in Painter.

Blastr lists 8 things you might not know about Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Warner Bros has released another poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.

Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal has released a statement on the passing of producer Laura Ziskin: "Laura was my closest friend. She was an inspiring warrior who fought every battle, whether it was business or personal, with her trademark brains, guts, and class. She was the creative guiding light for all of us who loved and worked with her. She was also a frustrating perfectionist and that's why she was simply the best. We are heartbroken and miss her terribly already – as a producer, as an advocate for cancer research, but most importantly, as an irreplaceable friend."

Someone has created a Groundhog Day / Girl With a Dragon Tattoo mash-up trailer.

MTV lists 5 classic Spielbergian moments from Super 8.

20 years later and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still teaching important life lessons.

GenreHacks lists ten comic books that need film adaptations.Watch a mashup of Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go" with Suzanne Collins' novel The Hunger Games.Simon Pegg says its common knowledge that Star Trek 2 will probably shoot this Fall.

James Hance is now selling t-shirts featuring his Muppet/Firefly mash-up character illustrations.

Brad Bird talks to MTV about Tom Cruise's stunts in Mission: Impossible 4: "It's big and it is crazy. I think the craziest thing is that they're real they're not digital. That's Tom Cruise on the tallest building in the world, he's doing all that stuff. People won't believe it, but we shot it in IMAX so it's there for everyone to see."

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TINP has posted a vintage photo of John Belushi and Bill Murray on the set of Blues Brothers.Macgasm has posted a lot of photos from Final Cut Pro X.

Disney has released a new clip from Cars 2.

Last week's 10 most-downloaded films online includes X-Men: First Class, The Hangover II and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Gentle Giant have announced they will be releasing a new Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader statue.

FSR lists 4 (not so) surprisingly serious movie injuries.

Jon and Al Kaplan have created Rocky IV: The Musical.

SciFi lists 19 classic movie monsters scientists created by screwing up BIG.Doctor Who Tardis cake.

An Ohio judge is allowing a musician permission to seek damages against Summit Entertainment for knocking his Twilight'-inspired song off of YouTube, iTunes, and other services.

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dingomirr's Sendrina Green Lantern cosplay.DreadCentral lists the top ten 3D horror flicks.

Yehundi Mercado has created Muppet versions of the characters in Game of Thrones.

Gladiator/Robin Hood star Russell Crowe has tweeted about visiting the set of Ridley Scott's Prometheus: "Just visited Ridley on the set of PROMETHEUS, holy s**t what a set, another incredible job by Arthur Max and his miracle workers"miss coffee created this cute plush Indiana Jones.

Drafthouse Films, Timpson Films and Magnet Releasing have secured genre heavyweights Xavier Gens (Frontiers, Hitman) and Christopher Smith (Severance, Black Death) for the ABCs of Death.