Heroic New Footage: Shield-Tossing In 'Captain America' And A Big Battle In 'Green Lantern'

The new way to sell effects-heavy tentpoles isn't to keep everything secret and behind the curtain until the day of release. It is, in emulation of the new music business model, to give away a great many samples. Even Super 8, which used a marketing strategy predicated on secrecy, gave away clip after clip in the runup to this week's opening. We don't often present all the clips that are out there, because I think it is a lot better to preserve some of the mystery of a film. But sometimes one is just too tempting.

Warber Bros. opens Green Lantern in just over a week, on June 17, so the clip deluge has really hit. Meanwhile, Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger still has over a month until release, so we're stuck looking to TV spots for new footage. But the latest TV spot is a nice one. Check out both movies below.

Here's the Captain America spot, which has a lot of Cap (Chris Evans) leaping, shield-throwing and even a brief confrontation with the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).

And then there's Green Lantern. WB recently released eight clips from the film — that's over eight minutes of the final product — and if you want to see all of them, you can check out the collection at HitFix. I haven't watched all of them because I'd rather see most of the movie in the actual context of the movie. But if you've been curious about how the final effects look in the film, check out this snippet of the fight between Hal Jordan and the giant, all-consuming alien Parallax. I like the look and movement of Parallax, while I still can't get over thinking that the mechanics of using the ring are a bit goofy. Thoughts?