/Filmcast Ep. 150 - X-Men: First Class (GUEST: Director Vincenzo Natali)

This week, Dave, Devindra, and Adam discuss the pleasures of Game of Thrones, wonder whether or not Clockwork Orange has lost its impact, and ponder the future of the Riddick franchise. Special guest Vincenzo Natali (director of Splice and Cube) joins us for this episode. [Poster image via Dane Forst]

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What We've Been Watching

  • Devindra (01:30): Tree of Life
  • David Chen (09:10): The League, Game of Thrones
  • Adam (25:36): A Clockwork Orange
  • News Discussion

  • (33:15) Wayne Kramer to Direct Ecstasia
  • (37:15) David Twohy has Minor Riddick Update
  • (41:13) Candyland Details
  • Featured Review

  • (45:30) X-Men: First Class
  • Splice director Vincenzo Natali joins us
  • Credits

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