Sam Worthington Attached To Space War Pitch At Warner Bros.

Briefly: Sam Worthington may have been in one of the biggest films of all time, but his presence has been reduced on movie screens in the months since Avatar's release. (And re-release.) He had two films, The Debt and Last Night, that were delayed by the Miramax shutdown, and are just seeing release this year. And other casting deals have been percolating, but are waiting while he shoots the Clash of the Titans sequel. (That is lensing right now.)

The actor has a few other films ready to drop, like Man on a Ledge (not to be confused with The Ledge) and The Fields (aka The Texas Killing Fields, with Jessica Chastain and Chloe Moretz, and which seems to be MIA) and can now add one more project to his desk. Warner Bros. has bought a pitch that will put Sam Worthington into a "grounded space war film." (That's per Deadline.) Um, 'grounded' in what, exactly? Reality? OK, then, it is vaguely realistic sci-fi. If it's grounded in anything else, I'm not sure how it is a space war movie. But that's nitpicking. Aaron Guzikowski is writing; he also wrote Contraband, the Reykjavik-Rotterdam remake starring Mark Wahlberg. That's really all we've got right now. But for the Sam Worthington fans — I'm sure there are a few of you left — it's one more thing to look forward to. [Deadline]