'Prometheus' Bits: Neville Page Joins Design Team, Set Photo Leaked, Michael Fassbender Talks

Details on Ridley Scott's Prometheus have remained shrouded in secrecy from the very beginning, and not much has changed now that shooting is actually underway. A couple of new tidbits today don't reveal a whole lot more, but in the absence of any solid details about the film, seem worth noting nonetheless. After all, what kind of jerks would we be if we didn't share what little information we had?

According to his resume, recently posted on the Worldwide Production Agency website, designer Neville Page is working on concept art and costumes for Prometheus. Page's previous work includes creature designs for Avatar, Cloverfield, and Star Trek, as well as costume design on Tron: Legacy, Green Lantern, and the upcoming Spider-Man.

As other folks have pointed out, Page's Cloverfield monster bears a resemblance to the Space Jockey from Alien, which an earlier rumor suggested would be appearing in Prometheus. What Page's involvement actually means for Prometheus, I have no idea — but the fact that Page knows how to visualize Alien-esque creatures seems like a promising sign, at least. [AvPGalaxy]

Edit: We've been informed that Neville Page's work was done in very early stages of the film only. What you'll see in Prometheus was actually designed by Carlos Huante.

After the jump, Michael Fassbender speaks and we get an early glimpse at the set. Kind of.

The thing is, it's not a prequel. It definitely is separate. It is a separate story, but there are threads that connect the stories.

The actor then gave an intriguing answer when Metro asked what Prometheus was:

Well Prometheus is basically a Greek god that stole fire from the gods so that he could give humans equal footing with them. And then he got sort of tied up to a tree or rock and then an eagle comes down and eats his liver each day and it regrows and he eats it, regrows so figure it out. How can you tie that into space?

As previously reported, Fassbender will be playing an android in the movie. [Alien Prequel News]

A couple months back, Russ commented on the apparently airtight security on the film's Pinewood Studios set — he noted that very few set photos had been leaked. Earlier this week, someone actually managed to sneak out a photo, and it reveals... that Russ was right about the intense obsession with secrecy. Check it out:

[No photo]

According to an unnamed source, the crates surrounding the green screen were purposely brought in in order to hide "a bunch of vehicles" from curious passersby. This is apparently unusual for Pinewood Studios, which generally doesn't bother concealing its backlots from the public. Feel free to speculate on what's lurking behind those crates in the comments. Actual aliens, maybe? [Alien Prequel News]

In addition to Fassbender, Prometheus also stars Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, and others. The film is scheduled to open June 2012.