First Footage: 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1'

It's a wedding! Squee! I know that the /Film audience is not, by and large, one that is obsessed with every little bit of Twilight news that comes across the interwebs, but the first real footage from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is something of interest. There's not a lot to this clip, which is (of course) a cross-promotion with MTV. It is essentially an example of that new breed of movie marketing, a trailer for a trailer. But if you're truly on the hook for Twilight, you can watch a bride walk down the aisle to her vampire, after the break.

At first I thought about not posting this but then considered (a) that some of you might genuinely want to see it and (b) today is my official two-year anniversary at /Film, and my very first post for the site was the New Moon trailer. So marking the occasion with some Breaking Dawn footage is (sadly) appropriate.  So here you go. Get back to me when there's a crazy vampire birth to watch. (Here's a YouTube link if you're region-locked out of the embed below.)

Bill Condon stepped in to direct this and the second half of Breaking Dawn, but this tiny bit of footage doesn't suggest any stylistic break between his movies and previous episodes. I didn't really expect one, and at this point it would be weird if Summit really deviated from the pattern established by the three films already released. Still, there's always a small fire of hope burning.