Early Buzz: Over 30 /Film Readers 'Attack The Block'

Since the film's premiere at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival, you've been hearing some incredible hype for the Edgar Wright-produced Joe Cornish-directed sci-fi action film Attack the Block. You've already heard me and others on the site rave about this film, but what about the readers? A couple weeks ago we offered /Film readers a special ticket to advance screenings in the most populated 25 cities in the US and Canada (minus Los Angeles). The promotion was called "Attack the Block 25 on 25 Fan Appreciation Screenings" because the 25 screenings were scheduled to take place on May 25th — last night.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of /Film readers got to see the film last night. What did you guys think? Some of the readers who attended the screenings wrote in via twitter and e-mail to share their thoughts about the film. Hit the jump now to see what they thought of the movie.

Header photo thanks to JP Gagen. San Diego line photo from Alan Aguilera:

/Film writers:

  • Adam Quigley: ATTACK THE BLOCK was so much fun. Believe, bruv. "THE GOONIES meets THE WIRE." There's my poster quote for @ATBMovie. #Blockhead #Trust
  • Peter Sciretta: don't believe the hype — the movie is actually even better than what you've heard.
  • Germain Lussier: What Attack the Block lacks in scope, however, it more than makes up for in sheer passion. That's why it's destined for a life on the shelves of fans everywhere. Small, but incredibly well made and fun, it's destined to elicit the kind of nostalgia that'll make fans want to own and display tiny replicas of its protagonists and antagonists. And, really, is there a better endorsement than that? [read full review here]
  • Russ Fischer: Joe Cornish nails it. Attack the Block is supremely funny, tense and thrilling, and it pulls a great trick by getting us to root for a gang of hooligans as a strange alien invasion forces them to grow up in the span of one night.
  • /Film readers:ryeingram: #AttackTheBlock : Too much madness to explain in one tweet. Truth. (thanks for the passes @slashfilm)WesleyEmblidge: @slashfilm pretty sure no one in my theater knew what they were seeing, but they LOVED IT. As did I. Exceeded my expectations.SarahSamudre: Just saw #AttackTheBlock: Great score, fresh take on an old tale, well-edited, well-shot & excellent cast. Thanks for the passes @slashfilm.Cunnected: @slashfilm Phoenix screening just got out. A very funny, enjoyable little flick that should get a bigger audience than it probably willMitchNetzer: Attack the Block is a new goonies ...only darker and has a LOT more blood! Awesome movie. (@slashfilm)bensucks: Attack the Block was freaking awesome. Go see it when it comes out. Thanks @slashfilm!LibertyRoxx: @slashfilm Attack the Block was fantastic! Thank you guy so much for setting it up!tdylf: #AttacktheBlock was everything I'd hoped for. There's too much madness to explain in one tweet. Thank you, @slashfilmIHateDrewDavis: @slashfilm Just saw #AttackTheBlock. Loved every second of it. See it on the big screen with a big audience.DCmaggles: Joined twitter just to profess my love for Attack the Block. Thanks @slashfilm, @edgarwright, and Cornballs! #blockheadwitchyflickchic: @slashfilm Thanks for the passes! AtB was great and Moses is the best action hero I've seen in a good long while.jamesalanbrooks: Loved Attack the Block, hope it sees North American distribution! Thanks @slashfilmyorkhenderson: @slashfilm #AttackTheBlock was everything I miss about 80s horror meets Boyz In The Hood and some modern gore. One of the best this year.regularmike: @slashfilm "Attack the Block" ruled. Extreme overbooking of theater didn't. Very nearly got turned away. Thanks for tix hookup! #Blockheadchasecampbell: #attacktheblock was fantastic! Your favorite genre movies rolled up in one modern classic. Thanks to @slashfilm for the passes!smallerdemon: ATTACK THE BLOCK is fantastic fun. Throwback to the 80s in some ways while distinctly 21st century in others. Scary fuckin' monsters too. ATTACK THE BLOCK had the best corridor chase scene since OldBoy. Seriously, ATTACK THE BLOCK has legs. Could be a sleeper if Screen Gems will let it out there. OTOH, can movies be sleepers anymore?ThatBigPY: @slashfilm Just got back from the Attack the Block screening in Baltimore. Perfect summer popcorn movie. Thanks for the tickets!DAJSupanick: @slashfilm Thank you SO MUCH. ATTACK THE BLOCK is the summer blockbuster we've been asking for for the past few years. AMAZING.jess_tremblay: @slashfilm just saw #attacktheblock – absolutely fab! Thanks for the passesrdstoner24: @slashfilm attack the block = british awesomeness. Thanks for the recommendation. Your site is my life forceNoSmellNoTell: Thanks @slashfilm for #attacktheblock passes. Just got out of the Pittsburgh screening loved it. Well received by everyonecsweda: @slashfilm ATTACK THE BLOCK was amazing! Great writing & the kids were perfect! Felt like a cult film but deserves a wide audience. Loved itpookherface: @slashfilm, thank you for the pre-screening tickets for attack the block! I'M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW cause i wanna see it again. i'm freaking crying cause i can't see @AttackTheBlock again! RELEASE THIS IN THE US ALREADY! i need to show this to my friends! D:DonFishies: @slashfilm Just saw #attacktheblock. Ridiculously entertaining. Thanks for the passes. #truthNeshington: Thanks @slashfilm for the #attacktheblock Toronto screening! Braaap braaap #attacktheblock too much madness to explain.. But amazingCoreyBalint: @slashfilm Boston was packed. A ton of people got turned around. I was one of the last few in. Damn happy. This might be my new favorite @edgarwright attached film. loving cornish right now. Can't wait for tintin @slashfilm #attacktheblockPSack: @slashfilm Baltimore screening just let out. Fantastic!! Nice soundtrack with a perfect blend of action & humor. #Blockheadberzo12: @slashfilm attack the block is the best movie I've seen this year by a mileC0llegeKid: Blown away by Attack the Block. INSTANT classic. I will definitely be going again when it opens. Thanks for the tickets @slashfilm!jpegfilms: @slashfilm you're right. Totally worth it! #attacktheblock thoughts as soon as I get homeCoreyBalint: @slashfilm it was a solid all around movie. Highly recommended. Thanks for the screening set up!

    E-mail from Jake S:

    Hey, I just got back from an Attack The Block screening that you guys posted about in Dallas, and I have got to say it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

    E-mail from J. P. (@jpegfilms):

    Tonight my brother and I attended the Cleveland screening of "Attack the Block" courtesy of /Film. I watched the trailer and it looked somewhat interesting. I mostly went because of the buzz I had seen on /Film and with the hopes of being able to write my first report for the site. The weather was pretty intense (tornado watches were in effect) but I'm glad I braved the storm because I had an awesome time. "Attack the Block" is not quite like anything I've seen before. It wastes absolutely zero time getting into the story and you're basically on a ride from the word go. There were some moments early on when the gang/drug culture storylines worried me a little bit. I'm not a fan of drug/gang stories for the most part, but I wasn't concerned for long. The film has a terrific blend of horror, humor, and character development that rivals other genre-bending properties ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" are the first that come to mind). During the /Filmcast review of Scream 4, the hosts discussed wanting a horror movie where you would once again care about the characters when they're in danger/killed off. "Attack the Block" made me feel for each character much more than I would've expected. There isn't much mourning, but that's because there simply isn't time. Overall, "Attack the Block" is a great time in the movie theater. It has elements of stoner comedy, gang/drug wars, alien invasions, and horror. There's pretty much something for everyone and I hope that they get great feedback across the country because this NEEDS to get a release date ASAP so I can see it again and bring all my friends. Thanks again /Film for the opportunity and keep up the great work!

    E-mail from Tom Vatterott:

    I just got back from the Attack the Block Screening in Minneapolis (well St. Paul, actually...) that was one of 25 in the country. First off, thanks so much for posting the link to gofobo or whatever it was. Anyway, on to the movie. Being that there has already been a fair amount of reviews on this, my words probably won't weigh much. But I do have to say that the movie is a bit disappointing. As much as Attack the Block is original (South London vs aliens, may I say brilliant!), there is an equal amount of cliche characters, scenes, and plot devices. The film also struggles with it's tone in some portions. Some segments or shots attempt to evoke fear, but an overwhelming amount of comic characters diffuses this. Although I did enjoy the humor to some degree (it's not laugh out loud type of stuff), I'm having trouble deciding whether or not the movie's genre-transcending qualities are for better or for worse. Attack the Block is almost like a family values based movie (honor, trust, friendship) strewn with gore, profanity, and some good old weed. Don't get me wrong, had Attack the Block been any one particular genre many elements would have been lost, but by attempting to me more than one thing in a short 88 minutes is, inherently damaging in this case. Attack the Block also ends up being pretty simple, though in a good way, because had more been tossed in the film would have been weighed down too much. As for the aliens, I thought the colorless/fang glowing design was pretty slick (and lighter on the budget I imagine), and made for a comic book like feeling. There is also an unmistakable touch of Sean of the Dead here, though take that with a grain of salt because I haven't been exposed to much British humor. Also, Attack the Block has a great electronic score, combining sinister bass ripples and pumping melodies in the same turns. I guess I was expecting something with a bit more bang (being balls out action, bolder humor, plus a wilder plot), but regardless, Attack the Block is some fun, light entertainment. As for a rating, I would probably give it a 7.5/10 Thanks!