Stan Lee Describes His Cameo In 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' Details Action Setpiece In The Process

Stan Lee has an entire side career making cameos in most of the movies featuring Marvel Comics characters. So the idea that he has a cameo in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man is no surprise. But over the weekend he gave up details of the cameo, and in doing so he briefly described one of the big action setpieces in the film. Given that we've had very little confirmed info about who Spidey fights in this movie, and how, it's all lightly spoilerish stuff. Check the recap and video after the break.

In short, Stan the Man said that he plays a librarian in the film, and the he's working away as Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) and the Lizard (Rhys Ifans, or his combo CGI/stuntman double) fight in the library behind him. Stan is listening to music on headphones, oblivious to the action behind him, as the two tear into one another. (Insert Ghostbusters music here.) The fact that there is a fight with the Lizard is hardly a surprise, but we know so little about the film that this still counts as a revelation. Any Spidey scholars know of a comparable scene in the comics?

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