Early Buzz: The First Review Of Transformers 3

Capone from Ain't It Cool News has posted the first movie review of an unfinished 2D cut of Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Capone says that the threequel is "easily" the "best entry in the Michael Bay-directed franchise." Be warned, the review contains a lot of plot information and character spoilers. For those of you who want a taste without any details, I have gathered a few choice excerpts below:

"I'm genuinely surprised what a strong effort this film is, not just in terms of its scope, but also in its pacing, performances, and ideas. This one dares to go dark from time to time, and that helped me find the often-lacking component of many Bay films: emotion. You probably won't shed any tears watching DARK OF THE MOON, but you will care when certain lives are lost or in peril. This one might actually rock you a little to your foundation; get excited about that." ... "TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON begins with a great concept and a cool backstory." ... "...in the final hour of this TRANSFORMERS chapter that I simply forgot to breathe; there isn't a spare second to do so. For a solid hour, Bay and his CGI-created robot buddies decimate Chicago. And I won't lie: seeing it so realistically and utterly leveled was almost more than I could handle." ... "Huntington-Whiteley is actually pretty good here and certainly miles better than Megan Fox, if only because she's actually got something to do here beyond just looking like a million bucks." ... "I'll thank whatever movie gods I have to that Sam's annoying parents are barely in this TRANSFORMERS installment."

You can read the whole review on AICN.