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Disney will be taking over Hot Topic stores in Hollywood and New Jersey to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with "Pirates Day" fan events.

Salon has compiled a list of pop culture references in the second season of Community.War Machine goes to Infinity and Beyond with this Buzz Lightyear custom figure.

Fox has canceled Human Target.

A giant Pirates skull is being constructed for the Thursday London Westfield premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Fox has ordered a series for The New Girl, a comedy tv series about sexual politics starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake M. Johnson created by Liz Meriwether (screenwriter of last January's No Strings Attached).

Star Wars fail whale.

The Weinstein Company has acquired distribution rights to The Artist, a black-and-white silent film that "takes place in 1927 Hollywood and focuses on a silent movie star whose career seems about to be ended because of the arrival of the talkies."

Wonder Woman cookies.The Great Gatsby producers have purchased three 1920's period cards valued at somewhere between $800,000 and $3 million.

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Dead TaunTaun birthday cake.

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto is teaming with Anonymous Content to produce an untitled "found footage" romantic comedy, which will shoot in New York.Bloody Disgusting has a few high resolution photos from the Craig Gillespie-directed Fright Night 3D.

Fox has also canceled Chicago Code and Traffic Light.

Watch Disney animators Glen Keane, Mark Henn and Andreas Deja take a tour of The Little Mermaid~Ariel's Undersea Adventure attraction, which opens at Disney California Adventure park on June 3rd 2011.

Disney says the studio lost $70 million in release costs and in an impairment charge for Mars Needs Moms.

Vulture has premiered the movie poster for Magic Trip.Spaceship Broken lists 5 reasons Will Smith should be in Tarantino's new film, and five reasons who he shouldn't.Watch one frame each, of every Warner Brothers cartoon made between 1930 and 1969.

Fox has greenlit the JJ Abrams-produced tv series Alcatraz.

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FirstShowing has a look at some of the Hollywood billboards on display at the Cannes Film Festival.AM lists the 6 Best Natalie Portman Performances.

Google will begin offering movie rentals in Android market.

Fox has renewed House for an eigth season.

German designers Visual Drugstore have created a Tron-style lightsuit.

Movieline lists 5 Ways to Reignite the American Pie Franchise.

Machinima has released the 5th episode of the Mortal Kombat web series, titled "Kitana & Mileena (Part 2)"

Kitana and Mileena have grown up thinking that they are sisters, yet have grown apart over the years. Despite Mileena's growing resentment towards Kitana, Shao Kahn uses them to destroy all who threaten his rule. But when they come upon King Jerrod on one of their missions, they finally learn the truth about their Mother and Father, and Kitana looks to plot her revenge against Shao Kahn.

The Six Stages of Movie Geek Evolution.

Thor actress Jaimie Alexander says she wants to be the next Lara Croft: "I can tell you what I'm interested in right now. I've obviously been hearing about a Tomb Raider reboot, which I think would be pretty awesome — Lara Croft. Anything that's very physical. I'm reading a few scripts here and there, and we'll see. It's all sort of up in the air."

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Youtube user tigerpause444 created this custom Iron Man motorcycle helmet.

Director-producer Adam Shankman haa signed a nonexclusive multi-year first-look production deal for his Offspring Entertainment banner with New Line.

13-year old Sarah wrote Quentin Tarantino praising how much she loved the recently released From Dusk Til Dawn. Here is the letter Tarantino sent Sarah in response.

Cracked lists 6 Tricks Movies Use to Make Sure You Root for the Right Guy.

This international poster for Kung Fu Panda 2 focuses on baby Poe.

IO9 lists the 10 Best Star Trek Episodes.MTV has recreated the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with LEGO.Bridesmaids director Paul Feig says he's working on another new, original project with Judd Apatow.POTD: Starbuck and Starbuck in a Starbucks.Listverse lists the top 10 Creepiest Anonymous Movie Characters.

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Scott Campbell's latest entry of his Great Showdowns series is a True Grit homage.

Moviefone lists the top 25 comic book movies.Watch David Lynch's commercial for David Lynch Signature Organic Coffee.EW lists 19 unforgettable TV proms.

The t-shirt of the day on TeeFury is Ian Leino's "No Match for a Blaster".

Smosh lists the 10 Worst Movie Lawyers.