'Real Steel' Trailer

Excuse me, let me get rid of these goosebumps and present you with the full trailer for Shawn Levy's rock 'em sock 'em robot movie Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman. The film, scheduled for release October 7, has such good buzz at DreamWorks that they're already writing a sequel and – from this trailer, it's easy to see why. Does it look cheesy and predictable? Most definitely. But most sports movies are like that. This one just happens to have big ass robots beating the crap out of each other centered around a nice father and son relationship. While trailer #1 played up the action, trailer #2 plays up the story and characters making Real Steel look like The Champ meets Transformers. Check out the the new trailer after the jump.

Thanks to Yahoo Movies for the trailer.

Say what you will about Shawn Levy's films, but Date Night and Night at the Museum 2 do a more than respectable job of blending family friendly action with wacky performances and actual character development. Real Steel seems like it'll fit into that mold, but obviously with a much bigger emphasis on the action.
Also – as a fan of both boxing and mixed martial arts – there's a real world aspect to this movie that some people might not get. With the rise of mixed martial arts, boxing is beginning to be exposed as a frequently slow and boring sport. This weekend's Pacquiao/Mosley fight is just the latest example. It's a sport that needs to evolve and, in reality, MMA is that evolution. Real Steel takes that idea, though, and gives it a futuristic, sci-fi spin. It can certainly be viewed as a commentary on modern sports as well as just a big action movie.
Call me crazy, and I'm sure you will, but I think this film looks like it could attract a huge audience and be immensely entertaining. I'm very excited for it. What do you all think?