New 'X-Men: First Class' Character Trailers Introduce Banshee, Havok And Beast

We're long past the point where we didn't know much at all about Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class, as a parade of trailers has shown more and more footage from the film in the runup to the June 3 release date. The only problem now, for those who are really devoted to the property, is that there has been a stark contrast between the smartly-cut trailers and some of the terrible posters and bad early stills.

Now there are three new character trailers that introduce Banshee, Beast and Havok — characters that are familiar to long-time X-Men fans, but maybe not as much to casual audiences. Check out all three after the break.

So where do these fall on the scale between great and crap that has been defined by previous trailers and images? Somewhere in the middle, I think. The dialogue isn't terribly inspiring, as much of it is pretty plain stuff that speaks to the allegory inherent in the mutant/human divide in language that is as unvarnished as possible. But James McAvoy's delivery is genuine and works quite well, I think. Nicholas Hoult also looks good as Beast. And some of the effects look more than able to conjure up the world. Check out the MTV-provided clips, and let us know what you think.