New Posters: 'Sleeping Beauty,' 'Page One,' 'Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark,' 'Melancholia' And Many More

There have been a great many new posters in the past few days. Just this afternoon we've seen new one-sheets for the doc Page One: Inside the New York Times, the horror remake Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Miranda July's odd-sounding new drama The Future, and Lars Von Trier's Melancholia. Plus earlier this week there were new sheets for tantalizing Cannes debut Sleeping Beauty, The Art of Getting By, What's Your Number?, The Ledge, The Beaver and Troll Hunter. They're all after the break, along with info on each film and links to the trailers.

Here's the gallery of images. They're explained below.

First up, the really new stuff. A new poster for Page One: Inside the New York Times hit today, and it's about what you'd expect to see advertising the doc. Germain enthused about the film in his Sundance review, and the trailer looks solid.

Miranda July's film The Future is one I'm really excited to see — it follows a couple whose lives change dramatically after deciding to adopt a cat, but there's a lot more to the film than that. (It is narrated by the cat, for one.) The poster is quite nice (thanks, Vulture) and the film hits on July 29. Germain was cautiously excited about the film in his mini-review from Sundance, while acknowledging that he wants to see it again.Guillermo Del Toro produced and co-wrote Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, which remakes a '70s television thriller under the direction of newcomer Troy Nixey. The trailer looks great, and reviews from a few festival appearances have been very enthusiastic. The film hits later this year.Melancholia, Lars Von Trier's new 'beautiful film about the end of the world' probably needs little introduction to constant /Film readers. The trailer was solid, if a bit more low-key than expected, and the film is one of our most anticipated Cannes debuts.Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore star in The Art of Getting By, formerly called Homework. The trailer wasn't great, but Peter's Sundance review was cautiously positive.

My first look a the trailer for the Anna Faris comedy What's Your Number? left me a little cold, but I wonder if there's a much better, deeper movie in there than the trailer sells. The poster doesn't do much to support that, but I still suspect it might be the case.

Here are two posters — neither of which may be quite official — for the strange-sounding Cannes film Sleeping Beauty, in which Emily Browning plays a prostitute who is drugged while she 'works.' The trailer was mesmerizing and uncomfortable, and I can't wait to see the film.

I hated the trailer for The Ledge, and Germain wasn't much in love with the film when he saw it at Sundance. But this poster is great — the fake folded aesthetic is a little tired, but overall this is a nice design.

I don't think we need to say much more about Jodie Foster's The Beaver, which hits some theaters today. Here's a review of the film from Peter, and the trailer.

Finally, there is a new quad for Troll Hunter, which hits VOD and iTunes today. I'll be watching it this weekend, and based on what I've heard as the film has rolled through festivals, I'm excited to see it. Here's the trailer.