'Terminator 5' Rumor: Entire Original Cast Included In New Story

When news broke that a pitch was circling Hollywood for a fifth Terminator movie teaming up director Justin Lin (Fast Five) and star Arnold Schwarzenegger, it inspired a full range of emotions. The good ones centered on Lin's ability to stage awesome, practical action and the possibility of a twisting, turning, awesome time traveling film that could wipe our memories of Terminator: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation. The flip side was the reminder of Terminator: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation. According to the latest rumors, Terminator 5 (or Terminator 2012 as it's being pitched) might lean towards the earlier films. Latino Review reports that the pitch going around Hollywood not only has Schwarzenegger attached, but the "entire original cast" along with him.

According to Latino Review's source, the pitch is being touted as Terminator 2012 and has the "entire original cast" attached. Now ingest your grain of salt and continue. While the characters  – Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, John Connor, etc. – could be part of the story pitch, the actors themselves cannot have signed on to make the movie. No one has, there's no script. Though treatments of a fifth Terminator movie have been floating around for years, Deadline's story about the new pitch explicitly stated "There is no screenwriter attached at this point." Without a script, no one is officially signed. Not even Schwarzenegger. He, most likely, is letting his name be used on the strength of the story idea and Lin's passion for the franchise.

Assuming that's the case and the story idea is strong enough for Schwarzenegger to attach himself, that would most definitely lead us to believe the original cast would play a part. However the original Kyle Reese, Michael Biehn, did an interview with JoBlo (Thanks to @MARKSMITH610 on Twitter and /Film reader Ahegele for the heads up) after this news broke and said he was unaware of his own involvement in the project. Is he lying? It's possible. As I stated last week with some Hunger Games rumors, stars have been known to flat out lie about things until it's officially announced, and then ignore the fact that they were horrible insincere to the fans.

Basically, we won't know much more until the film get picked up, which could happen in an hour, a month or a year. Well, probably not a year. But once that happens, more details will surely leak out, a script will begin to be written, maybe Schwarzenegger will decide which movie he's doing next, do some interviews about it, let us know what's going on with Terminator 2012 and more.

So, all in good time.

Is a new Terminator movie with the original cast what you'd want to see? Could you get past their ages and all the other actors who have played those characters?