IRL: Man Shot While Filming Deadpool Fan Series

There's suffering for your art, and then there's suffering for your art as a result of your own lack of common sense. 23-year-old Columbus man Sam Vestey was recently shot in the leg by accident while making an amateur Deadpool web series with a couple of friends. Read more after the jump.

Vestey acknowledges that all things considered, he got off very easily. No criminal charges have been filed as a result of the incident, and Vestey appears to harbor no hard feelings. In fact, Vestey has said that he would be open to appearing in another episode of the series.

Vestey's story serves as a PSA to reiterate what all filmmakers, amateur and otherwise — or hell, all people, everywhere, in general — should already know: firearms are very f***ing dangerous and should never be pointed at anything you don't intend to shoot. Prop guns exist for a reason. Use them.

While we don't have footage of the actual shooting (that's probably for the best), I was able to dig up an old episode of the Deadpool series in question. Hit up Galusick's YouTube page to see more, and judge for yourself whether they're awesome enough to be worth getting shot in the leg for. (My opinion: No, but then again, what is?)

[via Comic Book Movie]

Hat tip to Gamma Squad for digging up this story!