Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar And George Romero Star In 'Call Of Duty' Game Expansion

Ever since Call of Duty: World at War featured a bonus zombie-killing level, Activision and current CoD developers Treyarch have milked the fact that gamers seem to love the combination of warfare and zombies. The latest expansion to Call of Duty: Black Ops is titled Escalation, and it features a zombie level named Call of the Dead. A new trailer and press release for the game reveals that Call of the Dead stars, in voice and likeness, Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo as well as the godfather of film zombies as we know them: George Romero.

Check the trailer after the break.

Treyarch went all out with this trailer, emulating grindhouse style right down to the voiceover and 'coming attractions' opener. But it's use use of 45 Grave's 'Do You Want to Party?' that really gets me, in part because it is a super-catchy tune and in part because it is from Return of the Living Dead, which was created by George Romero's estranged producing partner John Russo. (Don't tell these guys that George Romero didn't make that movie!)

As Devin at BAD points out, this really should have been a Left 4 Dead offering. Guess Valve has been a little busy with that Portal 2 thing. But having a L4D quartet playing these four actor/characters would have been loads of fun. George Romero could have been the Tank!

In general, I'm completely over the unshakable desire that video games have to emulate movies. I want games to be games, and specifically I want them to revel in the unique narrative options that games have. The blind ambition of a great many games to present film-like stories has really started to turn me away from gaming, because I'm not interested in playing movies. But if you're going to make the Reeses' game/film treat, something like this is the way to do it.