First Look: Tom Hardy And Jason Clarke In 'The Wettest County In The World'

The Georgia shoot for John Hillcoat's The Wettest County in the World has wrapped, and just in time to commemorate that milestone, producer Cassian Elwes has revealed a few new low-res looks at the film. The primary photo he sent out shows Jason Clarke, Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf as the three lead characters, the Bondurant brothers, as introduced in Matt Bondurant's book that inspired the film. We've already seen one shot of Shia LaBeouf in costume, but if you're looking forward to this one as much as we are, any little look is a bonus.

There are a few other low-quality photos that the producer shared, after the break, which also give a very rough look at Mia Wasikowska in character.

Here are the images; sadly this is as large as they get.

[No photo]

Via Twitter, the producer said,

I saw quite a bit of footage yesterday from wettest county it looks excellent. Shia is a leading man in every way with a great great cast... Hillcoat's use of cinematic language is astounding. He conveys emotion w/ the camera not words- a rarity. His men r men. Every moment's real.

That jibes with what several local crewmembers have told me. Crew can be notoriously blunt about whether a film looked decent or not, and I've heard nothing but superlative accounts of working on the film, and how it all looked while coming together. That might not mean a whit when it comes to the finished edit, which still has to clear several hurdles before being a compelling movie. But I'm encouraged by reports that the raw material from set is of a higher caliber than usual.

The film also features Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman and Dane DeHaan. Nick Cave wrote the screenplay, and will be doing the score for the film as well.

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