'Attack The Block' Trailer #2 And Character Vignettes

Many genre movies fans have been salivating over the buzz generated by Joe Cornish's Attack the Block. Reviews out of South by Southwest, where the film had its premiere, were beyond stellar and when Screen Gems picked the film up for U.S. release, it was hard not to smile. Though the U.K. was getting to see the film in May, now U.S. audiences would also get to see this tale of what happens when a group of kids decide to fight invading aliens in South London.

We've already shown you a very cool U.K. poster and the first trailer. Now, after the jump, you can see a second, shorter, more action heavy trailer as well as five character vignettes telling us about the film's heroes.

The trailer is from The Guardian and the character videos are from Hey U Guys (thanks to The Film Stage for the heads up.)

This is the trailer:

And here are the character vignettes. First up is Moses:

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Next is Pest:

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Third, Biggz:

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Fourth, Dennis:

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And last, Jerome:

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The more I see and read about this movie, the larger my expectations get. Could it really be up there with the films of its producer, Edgar Wright, or the Eighties films that it's obviously inspired by: The Goonies, The Monster Squad, E.T., etc? It seems impossible, but all the reviews are so positive that they're delivering those kind of expectations. Even if it doesn't reach those heights, though, the fact that we have a solid movie set in this nostalgic niche genre is good news and I hope Screen Gems takes good care of it to reach the largest possible audience.

Are you excited about Attack the Block?