'Cowboys & Aliens' Trailer

Thursday night during American Idol, Universal Pictures and director Jon Favreau premiered the theatrical trailer for the upcoming Summer blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens. Starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde, the big budget, western sci-fi hybrid is scheduled for release on July 29. Up until now we've seen a teaser trailer, a Super Bowl commercial and attendees of Comic Con, Butt-Numb-A-Thon and WonderCon have seen extended scenes, but this is by far the most revealing look yet. And it does so without spoiling as much as one would expect.

For those of us without the willpower to watch American Idol, and even for those who did, the trailer is now online. Check it out and leave your thoughts after the jump.

Thanks to Apple for hosting the trailer in High Definition. Check it out there, or it's embedded below.

The trailer is about two and a half minutes long and about a minute and a half of it is basically the teaser trailer followed by the Super Bowl commercial. So, really, there's not as much new or revealing footage as one would expect from a full, theatrical trailer. Still, the way it's edited and the music that's used sell the movie very well. The new footage we do see, such as the humor with Sam Rockwell, more about the Olivia Wilde character and the alien tentacles grabbing people, are all extremely enticing.

It's safe to say that Favreau is holding back as much as he can with this one and I, for one, am thankful for that. The trailer sold me, that's what it needs to do. It doesn't need to keep revealing more and more so that I'm less and less surprised in the theater.

What is your favorite part of this trailer? How do you think Cowboys & Aliens stacks up with the rest of the summer blockbusters?