'Warrior' Trailer; MMA Action Movie Starring Tom Hardy And Joel Edgerton

Other than comedies, sports movies are probably ruined in trailers more than another other genre. Mostly that's because sports movies are generally predictable and cheesy but, even with that caveat, the trailer for Warrior might cross the line. Directed by Gavin O'Connor and starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, the film follows two brothers who simultaneously, for different reasons, enter into the world of professional mixed martial arts. Just from that sentence alone you probably can venture a very educated guess as to what the film's climax will be but does the trailer really need to not only show it, but blatantly state it?

Despite that, Warrior looks to be a potentially entertaining story of family and sport, much in the vein of The Fighter. Peter seemed to think so when he saw the film at CinemaCon and now you can judge for yourself. Warrior, which also stars Nick Nolte, is scheduled for release on September 9. The spoiler-filled trailer's embedded after the jump.

Check out the trailer in HD over at Apple or just watch the embed right here.

Despite the fact that the climax of the film is ruined, my initial feeling after watching the trailer is that the MMA action looks too unrealistic. The sport is certainly one of the most unpredictable and exciting ones out there but you very, very rarely see power bombs like the one in the trailer (unless you're Rampage Jackson. Watch this video.). Still, the film wouldn't be much to watch if it was two guys rolling around on the floor for 15 minutes, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Hardy's accent is also kind of off putting but seeing him up against Edgerton, two up and coming man's man action stars, could be worth the price of admission alone. Are you on board with this one or does it look like a write-off, run-of-the-mill action film?