'The Dark Knight Rises' To Shoot In Pittsburgh

Briefly: Look, actual news on The Dark Knight Rises! So actual that it even comes complete with a quote from director Christopher Nolan! For months and months we've heard rumors about the film and possible locations. It'll shoot in Chicago once more. Some will be shot in New Orleans. James Cameron will dig a tunnel to the center of the earth and one shot will be assembled in our planet's molten core. All that sort of thing. Which is well and good — The Dark Knight Rises is a pretty big deal, and we like talking about it as much as the next person.

But this is our first truly reliable report on where the movie will shoot. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette says the film will shoot in that fair city later this summer, confirming rumors that have floated for some time, and even quotes Christopher Nolan saying, "Pittsburgh is a beautiful city... We have been able to find everything we were looking for here and I am excited to spend the summer in Pittsburgh with our final installment of Batman."

We don't know how much of the film will shoot there, or if the city will be the 'new' Gotham City. Chicago has become closely associated with this Batman series, and it would be a shame to see that change simply by virtue of state tax credits. But with four to six weeks of location work scheduled, that's the way it's looking right now.