Watch Two Clips From SXSW Hit 'Attack The Block'

Clips are always a dicey proposition — we want to spread the word about movies that don't have a massive marketing push, but don't want to give too much away too early. But in the case of Attack the Block, the Joe Cornish film in which aliens land near a South London housing project and have to contend with the kids who live within it, we'll go with the clips and risk the over-exposure.

I haven't seen the film, so I can't attest to how spoilerish or spoiler-free these clips are in context. (Obviously, if you're concerned about spoilers don't go any farther, in part because I'll slightly explain the context of each one after the break.) But I suspect anyone who doesn't want to preserve the option to see the film with a 100% fresh eye will be OK watching these two short sequences.

In the first clip, the kids have one of their first encounters with an alien. I love how the thing looks like a smaller version of the asteroid-dwelling worm from The Empire Strikes Back. These kids would probably have trouble with Empire's worm, but they can handle this guy just fine.

Then we come to the second clip, in which the kids are fleeing other aliens and end up hiding out in the flat occupied a a woman they mugged earlier that night. (That detail per Badass Digest.)

There's no US release planned for the film at this point, but that could change at any time. It will open in the UK on May 13. This one looks like it is just as much fun as people have been saying in the wake of SXSW and LA screenings; hoping a distributor steps up so that US audiences will be able to see it this year. [Empire]