Sony Animation Options Kids Fairy Tale 'Muncle Trogg'

Will we see an animated film version of the kids' book Muncle Trogg: The Smallest Giant in the World? Very possibly; Sony Animation has optioned the title. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll see the movie, as a lot of material is optioned and never fully developed for various reasons. But this is the first pickup for the company under the relatively new leadership of Michelle Raimo-Kouyate, and you might think a new president of production is going to want her first buy to look like a good one.

Muncle Trogg, written by Janet Foxley, is about a kingdom of giants and the smallest among them. (Not a stretch to realize that, given the title.) The little giant investigates a human settlement nearby, and the story kicks into motion. A few more details are after the break.

The exec said of the book,

There are strong characters, relatable themes, a unique world and tons of inherent comedy. As soon as I read Muncle Trogg, I knew this would speak to the kinds of animated movies I want to make at Sony Pictures Animation.

Here's the book plot. Can it be made into something as memorable as Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs?

Giants live on top of Mount Grumble, hidden from humans below. But not all of them are big. Muncle Trogg is so small that he's laughed at by the others for being human-sized. Fed up, he decides to take a look at the 'Smallings' that he's meant to look like. But what he discovers is very surprising indeed...Winner of The Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition 2010, "Muncle Trogg" is the charming upside down fairytale about a tiny giant who saves the day.