Leonard Nimoy Lends A Voice To 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon'

In the past couple days there has been a lot of talk about the CGI characters in Green Lantern getting voice actors cast well into the post-production process. Seemingly meant just to prove that such a thing happens relatively often, and that Green Lantern isn't in trouble because of it, here's some Transformers: Dark of the Moon casting news. While the film has been shot and in post-production for some time, Leonard Nimoy was just cast as Sentinel Prime.

EW announced the casting, and Michael Bay couldn't have chosen anyone better to provide the voice for the aged Autobot seen at the end of the film's teaser trailer. This will be the second time the actor voices a Transformer, as he provided the pipes for the evil Galvatron in the animated 1986 film Transformers: The Movie. (And between this and Fringe, so much for retiring, eh?)

After the atrocious second film it is probably utter foolishness to get interested in the third, but I can't help hoping that Michael Bay & Co. learned useful lessons from the problems in the second film. The revisionist Apollo 11 stuff might be fun, even if it is just a small part of the film, and I want to see what working in 3D has done to Michael Bay's typically frenetic style. If he's been able to reign in a bit of the excess and actually focus on pushing some characters forward, as he's claimed, then could this end up being a big step up from the last one? (Yeah, I know: just about anything would be a step up.)