Watch Another 'Tron Legacy' DVD Easter Egg Clip Teasing The Return Of An Old Villain

A couple months back there was word that the DVD for Tron Legacy might feature a bit of footage that expands the Tron storyline and perhaps teases a third film in the series. A couple weeks ago we saw Tron: The Next Day, which fills in some of the backstory between the two Tron films. And now there is another leaked short clip, only about forty seconds in length, that certainly seems to suggest a continuation of the story. Check it out below.

The best thing here for long-time fans of Tron is what appears to be the return of David Warner. The voice heard here certainly sounds like him. Here's what is said about the clip on the YouTube page, which basically echoes the early report that announced the existence of this footage:

...this second "teaser" clip, a hidden Easter Egg only available in the American version of the Blu-Ray of TRON: Legacy, features the return of David Warner's Edward Dillinger from the original TRON, and his son, Edward Dillinger Jr. played by Cillian Murphy in TRON: Legacy. This short clip features them talking on a chat service about the events of "The Next Day" and Sam taking over ENCOM...

[via Bleeding Cool]