'Setup' Trailer: Things Fall Apart Here, Too

Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, isn't going to stop acting any time soon. And by the looks of his two most recent trailers — one for Things Fall Apart and this one for Setup — he might not start making good movies any time soon, either.

While Things Fall Apart looked like a saccharine feel-good drama gone horribly wrong, Setup looks like a heist thriller...gone horribly wrong. The film also stars Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe, both of whom look like they're dragged down into the suck right alongside Mr. Jackson. See how much you can take, after the break.

Randy Couture, James Remar and Jenna Dewan are also in the film, which was directed by longtime stuntman Mike Gunther. He has also made some behind the scenes features for films like Ghost Rider and Live Free or Die Hard. The latter is your key to the presence of Bruce Willis, while the director's stunt background might be the inroad for Randy Couture.

This looks at times like it could be a serviceable thriller about friends caught up in a heist that goes wrong, but then there is Curtis Jackson, who seems to have left his screen presence in his trailer every day. Maybe this trailer simply isn't doing him any favors, but I suspect it is really the other way around.