'Another Earth' Teaser Trailer And Clips

Another Earth, a sort of low-key relationship drama, is a film that did very well at Sundance — it won the special jury prize and was picked up by Fox Searchlight for release in the near future. The film hasn't really played anywhere outside Sundance, so this teaser trailer and pair of clips is all that's really out there to get the film in the public eye. While these aren't really the best clips — I half expect Fox Searchlight to have them taken down — they'll do for now, until a real, full trailer is released.Another Earth has what seems like an overtly sci-fi concept: "On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident." Mike Cahill directs and co-wrote with star Brit Marling. She plays opposite William Mapother and the story turns into less of a sci fi thing and more a film about divergent paths taken in life.

Peter and Germain saw the film at Sundance, and while Germain liked it quite a bit Peter was less enthusiastic. He wrote our review and said,

Unfortunately, the Twilight Zone-like premise is only used as a backdrop, a not-so-great metaphor that only really comes to affect the story in the third ac ... the movie wants to be something else entirely — an indie slightly-scifi drama version of the Ben Affleck/Gwyneth Paltrow romantic drama Bounce (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). If you're willing to accept the sci-fi conceit, the film works as a compelling drama. But the sci-fi elements just feel out of place (as cool as they might be).

Still, the film seems like a promising early performance from Brit Marling (who was also in Sound of My Voice at Sundance) and could end up being a fall sleeper. Here's the teaser, such as it is:

And two clips: