'The FP' Trailer

With South by Southwest now in the books, it's time the people who weren't there to do an inventory: what got picked up, what didn't, what do we need to keep on our radars and what can we forget about. One of the films that piqued many people's interest and really set off a lot of discussion was The FP, which was programmed by Fantastic Fest as part of the SXFantastic series.

Described as "Mad Max" meets "The Wizard," this very tongue-in-cheek film by The Trost Brothers is about a world where scores aren't settled through violence, they're settled through video game dancing. Yes, like Dance Dance Revolution. If it sounds insane, that's probably because it is. We're sure to have more on The FP as the days go on but, as of now, check out the NSFW trailer after the jump.

Thanks to Ain't It Cool News for the premiere. Don't forget, this trailer is NSFW even if it's not red band.

The FP – Trailer from Trost Bros. on Vimeo.

From the SXSW website, here's the official description.

Accompanied by his brother JTRO, Beat-Beat Revelation champion BTRO must compete for the pride of their hometown, Frazier Park (The FP). His opponent: ruthless fighter and trash talker, L Dubba E. L Dub not only defeats BTRO, he sends him to an early grave. L Dub's instant climb to power has forced The FP to fall into disarray. Crazed with anger, JTRO vows revenge. After a crash course in the ancient techniques of Beat-Beat from master BLT, JTRO challenges L Dubba E. Their battle to the finish, born of lust, power and revenge, will leave only one man standing.

And, in case you missed it last week, the always amazing Tyler Stout did a poster for The FP that should go up for sale @MondoNews this week.

Reviews on The FP were pretty divergent but, after watching this trailer, is it something you're going to check out when and if you get the chance?