Bluntman & Chronic To Return In Serialized Online Series

Just because Kevin Smith is retiring from filmmaking doesn't mean his creations have to. The superhero team of Bluntman and Chronic, which first appeared in Chasing Amy and played a significant role in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, will soon be animated and put online with Jason Mewes himself set to produce. A Bluntman and Chronic movie? Who'd pay to see that? More after the jump.

Newsaskew pointed us to Video ETA who was in attendance at the Red State screening and Q&A in Indianapolis earlier this week. There Smith revealed that this project was in the works:

The other news item that I hadn't seen mentioned anywhere was the reveal that Jason Mewes was producing (yes, you read that right) an animated Bluntman & Chronic feature film that would be released online in serial form. As I'm sure you remember, Bluntman & Chronic were comic book alter egos of Jay and Silent Bob that make their first appearance in Chasing Amy. In fact, the whole plot of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back revolves around Jay and Silent Bob making their way to Hollywood to stop production of a Bluntman & Chronic movie. I guess you can say that life is imitating art yet again.

There's no word on when, or if, this project might actually come to fruition but it's certainly cool that Mewes feels passionate enough to keep the Viewaskewniverse alive and that these characters will get to live on. They're without a doubt two of Smith's most genius creations and though they did have a few comics written about them, the potential stories are endless.

Would you watch a serialized Bluntman and Chronic online movie? What about pay for it?