VOTD: See Jesse Heiman, 'The World's Greatest Extra'

There are people who make a career of being an extra. Maybe not a career that spans decades, but close enough. Jesse Heiman's career is something different. Not quite a typical extra and not quite a character actor, this guy is all over the place. I guarantee you've seen him in half a dozen things at least, and once you start looking you'll probably see him frequently. Check out a video of Jesse Heiman's appearances — most of which are in uncredited roles like 'student' or 'geek' — after the break.

He's got almost 50 IMDB credits, and there are probably more things that didn't make it onto that listing. Watching this video it's weird to see one guy who plays the same role, not just in a great many movies and TV shows, but over a pretty serious span of time. Jesse Heiman has spent a decade being the uncredited 'nerd #1.'

Even weirder than the fact that the same guy is quite visible in all these different movies and shows is that he's actually in his '30s, despite often being cast to play characters half that age.