Watch Nick Frost And Simon Pegg Remake A Classic Scene From 'Star Wars'

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg wrote a metric ton (sorry, tonne) of sci-fi film nerd references into their movie Paul — you could make a drinking game out of all the lines in the new film that reference fan-favorite movies from the past few decades. Naturally there are a couple Star Wars references in Paul. While promoting the movie in Nevada last week the duo went one step further and remade a scene from the original Star Wars. Check it out after the break.

This might not be the most faithful recreation, but it is quite cute and, eventually, pretty damn funny. Not because of Star Wars, but because of the interplay between Pegg and Frost that has made their onscreen pairings so much fun to watch.

I'm jealous of Germain, as he was lurking around Rachel, NV when this was shot. In fact, we'll have video interviews with the cast and crew of Paul running tomorrow and Thursday that Germain shot while he was out in the desert. Keep an eye out for those, and in the meantime enjoy this scene.