Watch 'TRON: The Next Day,' A Ten-Minute Short Bridging 'Tron' And 'Tron Legacy'

Last year, before Tron Legacy was released, Disney shot some footage that didn't appear in the film, but will show up on the DVD release that hits in April. Some of that footage became Tron: The Next Day (Flynn Lives Revealed), which is on YouTube now. You can watch the ten-minute short after the break.

A lot of this would have actually been good so see before Tron: Legacy, as most of the running time here is spent recapping what happens between the two Tron films. This seems to underline that the story of Tron Legacy was a mess — I think people watching this will get a much better idea of some of these characters' history than they did from Legacy — but at least watching this clip you'll really have all the necessary blanks filled in. And, as a bonus, there are a lot of great little visual easter eggs (loved the era-appropriate cover of Electronic Games seen in a couple shots — I subscribed to that mag for years) and you'll also see one of Garrett Hedlund's best bits of work in any Tron-related footage. And I suspect that the person behind the Flynn Lives campaign is actually Banksy.

There is reportedly another similar short that will be an easter egg on the upcoming Tron Legacy DVD. I won't spoil some of the material we're likely to see there, but you can read this previous report to get the most important details. (And as to whether this is really any sort of vague teaser for a third Tron movie seems really open to question, so please discuss in the comments.)