Is Universal Attempting A 3D Reboot Of 'Doom'?

When a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise was announced a mere ten years after the first one was released, plenty of fans rolled their eyes. Now it seems the reboot cycle is getting even faster, with a 3D reboot of 2005's Doom rumored to be in the works. Forget that movie ever existed? Yeah, so did I. Read more after the jump.

It's not surprising that someone would take another stab at making a successful Doom movie. The game is already a recognizable brand with a built-in fanbase, and as the first film wasn't exactly beloved by fans there's room to make a new one that is. Moreover, it's a genre that lends itself well to 3D (and, I'm just guessing here but — IMAX) technology, and one that draws in plenty of those hyperactive young men that Hollywood seems so interested in attracting.

On the other hand... bleh. Video game adaptations have been notoriously difficult for Hollywood to do well, and with its 19% Tomatometer rating, Doom didn't exactly buck the trend. Plot-wise, I'm not convinced that it'll offer much that we haven't already seen in countless sci-fi/horror action films. And as ScreenRant points out, the fact that the Doom remake is happening thanks to the success of the PG-13 G.I. Joe suggests that they may try to go to the PG-13 route with Doom as well — a surefire way to irk fans who love the intensity and goriness of the video game series.

In short, while there's always the chance that this could defy expectations and become a genuinely enjoyable film, in my mind, there's little to be optimistic about at this point. For that matter, as nothing's officially been confirmed at this point, there's also the possibility that the Doom reboot is just a rumor. Watch this space for more updates as the project develops (or doesn't).

Discuss: Am I just being a Negative Nancy here? Are you excited about seeing another Doom film? What would you change from the first one? And just don't say "everything" if you hated it, because that's cheating.