Watch Disney CEO Bob Iger's 27-Minute Interview On Charlie Rose

Bob Iger, the president and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company, was interviewed by Charlie Rose earlier this week. If you're interested in the industry, or just the future of the Disney/Pixar/Marvel brands, you'll probably want to check out this in-depth 27-minute interview.

Iger talks about the future distribution of content in this quickly evolving high tech world, what happened when Steve Jobs first showed him the iPad, entering in with a strained relationship with Pixar created by Eisner, accepting the iPod, how he was able to make the Pixar acquisition happen, the genius of Steve Jobs, where he hopes to take the Marvel brand, "not making a lot of things, but making a few things great all the time", facing challenges with more competition for peoples time and a changing business model, the strinking home video market, how social media is changing people's entertainment decisions, giving viewers the flexibility to watch their shows whenever/whereever, the power of ESPN, Rune Arledge, and running the institution that is Disney.

The entire video is embedded after the jump thanks to Hulu (Mike Bastoli informs me that international readers can watch the interview on