'Voltron' Bidding War Currently In Progress

After the billion dollar, international success of the first two Transformers films, it seems like a no-brainer that Hollywood would jump on an adaptation of the cult 1980s TV show Voltron. It too has large robots getting into big battles, plus it's got strong themes of friendship and teamwork. For years, we've heard about scripts that are flying around town, seen concept art from the films (such as above thanks to Joblo) and much more. Now, we're hearing that a bidding war for the finally red-tape free rights to the franchise is heating up, lead by Relativity Media. There's a new cartoon set to premiere and, if all goes well, there might be a movie within two to three years. Read more after the break.

Vulture broke the story about this potential break in the Voltron movie-madness. In their report, they state that the main problem over the past several years is that the rights to the franchise were in question. One company had the TV rights, another had the movie rights, and there was plenty of fighting and debate over the logistics (read all the details over on Vulture). However, a St. Louis-based company called World Events Productions now owns both the television and movie rights to Voltron and with a TV show, called Voltron Force, scheduled to air in May on Nicktoons, they're hoping to get the film adaptation up and running too.

There's no word if any of the previous materials that have circulated will be used or who could distribute the film based on previous deals, but all you need to know is, once again, there is movement happening in regards to a Voltron movie. When we hear more, so will you.

Here's the basic story behind Voltron, in case you were unaware:

Do you think this is actually going to happen? Or will this news simply sit around and go stale by the end of the week?