'Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation' Clip And High-Res Images

We don't often post clips or teaser trailers for short films, but we can make an exception for Pixar. The new Toy Story short, Hawaiian Vacation, will play in front of Cars 2 when that feature opens on June 24. The first look at the short, which shows what happens when Bonnie's family goes on vacation without her toys, is after the break.

Apple has the HD version, and while there is no official plot synopsis the basics aren't too difficult to figure out. Ken and Barbie try to hitch a ride to Hawaii in Bonnie's backpack, but somehow end up left at home. A little imagination comes into play and the characters create their own vacation at home. For a little more info, let's turn to the EW interview we mentioned a few days ago, the entirety of which is now online.

Director Gary Rydstrom says,

We wanted to figure out a story that would include everybody, which is crazy because it is under six minutes. It takes place in Bonnie's room — Woody, Buzz and Rex and everybody is in on it. Ken wants to take Barbie on a perfect vacation to Hawaii by stowing away in Bonnie's backpack, but they get left behind in the middle of winter while she goes off without them. Ken kind of screwed up. [Laughs] Barbie probably does all the planning, and he tried to plan this one.

He says the whole cast is back, and that "Chuckles the Clown (Bud Luckey) gets to sing a romantic Hawaiian love song, written by Mark Mothersbaugh," which is great. The animation looks lovely, and given the short form you can rely on this being more of a playful little reunion with the characters than a story with the emotional ambition of the last feature. Let Cars 2 traumatize the kids; this is a vacation.

Here are the new images:

Gary Rydstrom also talks about plans for more shorts, and the fact that no feature is on the docket right now:

They haven't announced what [the next short to play in front of The Muppets is] about, but the idea is to try making more. There are several stories being worked on, different shorts in the pipeline. We discovered with these characters that it's not necessarily easy to come up with stories for Toy Story shorts, but it certainly is fun and there's a rich vein of material.

I don't know if there's any longterm plan [for another feature]. Everybody feels Toy Story 3 was the perfect end to that trilogy of films, but what happens down the road with features hasn't been decided. Short films don't go into the big, grand thematic stories of the features, but we get to spend time with the characters.