New 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' Images Show Sentinel Prime

The new issue of Empire Magazine has some images from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which give a new look at Sentinel Prime (i.e. the aged 'bot seen at the end of the film's teaser) and a new look at the revamped Optimus Prime. See full images and get a few tiny new details about the film, after the break.

Check the gallery for the image scans, which come from TFW2005.

Info in the article includes that the name of the Ferrari is Dreadbox, and that Sentinel Prime is "a big brother and mentor to Optimus Prime," which is probably familiar info to fans of the franchise.

I'll admit that despite my deep dislike of the second film, the teaser and Super Bowl spot for this third film have me hoping for a fun action movie. I'm not sure whether that's going to bite me in the ass, but given the fact that everyone involved seems to understand the second movie sucked and has at least talked a good game about making a better follow-up, I'll keep the hopes up.