Peter Weller Sends A Message To Detroit

Bless you, Funny or Die. We've heard from a great many people about the proposed statue of RoboCop in Detroit, especially since the plan to fund the statue raised fifty grand in mere days. But one important voice hasn't been heard, until now. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can watch a message to Detroit from Peter Weller, the original RoboCop, after the break.

Peter Weller has spent the past few years mostly out of the spotlight, studying and teaching art at Syracuse University and UCLA, and working with the History Channel; his biggest recent acting roles have been appearances on Fringe, Psych and Dexter.

Cheers to him for taking an hour to stand in front of a camera and have a little fun with his own image. What a voice he's got — I swear he's just turning into William S. Burroughs. I can watch Naked Lunch (where he played Burroughs analog Bill Lee) over and over just to hear the actor's line readings, and this little video proves that he's still got one of the best voices around.