Dreamworks Animation (Slightly) Rethinks Release Plan

Last year Jeffrey Katzenberg announced that DreamWorks Animation would release three CG animated films every other year, with a goal of making sequels to just about every possible film in the studio's library. And while the sequels are still in play, it looks as if someone talked sense into those who call the plays at DWA, suggesting that forcing a slate of three films every two years might not be the best idea. Now the studio isn't quite so locked in to pushing as many films out of the gate every couple years.

THR says that after 2012, by which point the studio will have released Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots, Madagascar 3, The Croods and Rise of the Guardians, DreamWorks will evaluate the planned release pattern every year. This doesn't mean that we'll get fewer sequels — don't expect the studio to back off that plan, because it remains a promising financial option.

That admission came from a conference call, in which Mr. Katzenberg said that the studio might spend slightly less per film on average — $130m per film, which is down about 10% from previous spending. That was in response to the fact that the cheaper than usual Despicable Me succeeded in theaters and on DVD.