LOL: Clever LEGO Star Wars "Make Your Own Story" Ad Campaign

If the word "Lego" or the phrase "Star Wars" make you perk up, prepare to have your day brightened. Students from the Sao Paolo advertising school Escola Cuca have created a striking new ad campaign for the Lego Star Wars line of products, and the results are clever, funny and just plain adorable. Check them out after the jump.

Laughing Squid pointed us to this campaign, which was produced by Diego Mourão and Gustavo Dorietto, with Lucas Mohallem providing copy. I haven't seen any word on where or when these ads will be released, but I wouldn't mind running into these on my morning commute.

I love the simplicity and playfulness of these ads. Some of the most impressive Star Wars-inspired Lego creations are incredibly complex works of painstaking labor, but these images go completely in the other direction. Each picture manages to tell a vivid story through only a handful of pieces, thanks in part to the well-known histories behind each character. The campaign reminds me of another colorful, minimalist series of Lego ads from a few years back, in which basic Lego blocks cast imaginative shadows.

Of course, some people were already "making their own stories" long before this campaign launched. A couple of years ago, we featured a beautiful photo series titled Troopies365 by /Film reader Teymur (aka Icedsoul), which showed Lego Stormtroopers in various situations — cutting up a life-sized pizza, or running away from a menacing dinosaur toy. More recently, we posted Lego recreations of scenes from Inception, as well as a gallery of all ten Best Picture nominees in Lego form. And then there's the guy who, rather than tell his own story, decided to tell the actual Star Wars story — in two minutes, with "one heck of a Lego collection."

Discuss: Is it really necessary to spear a drumstick on your lightsaber and then also barbecue it? I mean, this is a weapon that instantly cauterizes flesh wounds, after all.